This form of retail packaging provides a cost effective way of attractive presentation with high product visibility. Items are trapped onto a porous retail card under a skin of vacuum stretched film. This format is particularly appropriate for smaller hardware items and DIY product ranges.

contract packing

Peckpak GDK is located in a high security industrial business park. This creates an ideal environment for low risk contract packaging. Long term staff tenure and 24 hour camera security provide a low risk packing environment.

Our comprehensive range of contract packing includes blister sealing, welded blister packs, skin packing, pouch filling and sealing, barcoding, polybag and header card packing and labour only contracts.

packaging design

Peckpak GDK provides advice on the most appropriate form of packaging for the customer’s product. Product value, product retail security, merchandising requirements, product handling, retail visibility – all these are combined to design the most appropriate packaging.

Before production tooling is developed, 3D imagery of the finished product is presented to the customer for discussion, adjustment and then approval.