Specialist manufacturers and suppliers of retail packaging products and services

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Peckpak GDK is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of retail packaging products and services. With more than 20 years in operation, Peckpak GDK continues to serve a variety of markets with specialist retail packaging as well as vacuum forming versatility.

Peckpak GDK products and services encompass focused delivery of the following:

  • Blister Packaging in its various formats for optimal retail visibility.
  • Contract Packaging and Distribution.
  • Point of Sale Units – design, development and manufacture.
  • Industrial Thermoforming in light and heavy gauge materials including CNC profiling applications.

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Take a trip down packaging memory lane...

Today marketers of consumer goods spend a fortune on marketing. Once upon a time a simple print ad did it. Or perhaps two bill boards back and front of a strapping youth shouting out the existence of the boss’s product and perhaps even a virtue or two. With a bob in your pocket and a desperate need to ease the pain in your bloated belly you buy the billboard stomach salts. You were not influenced by the subtle tint or contour of the bottle or newsprint sachet keeping the powder intact. It was the only remedy in town. No blisterpack. No clampack. No beaded blister. No skinpacking. No packaging insert. No high value securely welded plastic blisterpack. No vacuumformed shelf defender to hold the imports at bay. No thermoformed point of sale unit – except for the strapping youth, sans thermo. Looking good had never been so unimportant for so long.

Leap ahead to a world of drone deliveries through a suburban 3D network of flight paths. The credit card in your wallet, perhaps the chip in your wrist, a chat with Sirri and the bloated belly is eased. The electric motors barely interfere with the hologram Cup Final. No blisterpack. No clampack. No beaded blister. No skinpacking. No packaging insert. No high value securely welded plastic blisterpack. No vacuumformed shelf defender despite the imports. No thermoformed point of sale unit – except perhaps for the little drawer in the aerial postman.

In the meantime a world we understand, from time to time, still exists.

The potato peeler will draw the quizzical kids’ blood without the insurance cover that is the blisterpack.  Your balance sheet will reflect the lost sales of that stunning but invisible product. The three P’s still exist. Position on the peg is as important as ever, whether it is blisterpacked, skinpacked, clam packed or in a beaded blister. Visibility is crucial – ask your retailer. He will refuse to list your hard work, your investment, unless his customer can eyeball it.  And make it appropriate – if you and your gadget are at the top end don’t make it look like a bath plug, put it into a welded blisterpack. And if you have a great bath plug don’t pretend it’s TV remote, skinpack it!

And if 100 units left your depot, you want them sold, not returned with damaged inappropriate packaging or stolen insides – margins are thin and you might not survive. Even if you make it your brand might not. Retailers can be like that.

So do it properly. Talk to us. We will take you through the options – welded blisterpacks, lockable clam packs, beaded slide blisters if you want to pack your own, blister sealed where we will pack it for you and if it’s a bath plug – well, it will just have to be skinpacked and we can do that too.

And food suppliers and confectioners – you also need plastic packaging. Talk to us. We can design it together.